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What is forensic readiness and why is it so important?

While the digitalisation of the business landscape offers never-before-seen opportunities, it also makes organisations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and breaches. Forensic readiness is the capability to be able to preserve, collect, protect and analyse evidence following such incidents so that it can be used effectively in security investigations, in disciplinary proceedings, in employment tribunals or […]

Human factors the biggest threat to cyber security

Cyber attacks disrupt businesses on an almost daily basis – around a third (32%) of businesses have reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months – and they are becoming ever more sophisticated. But while cyber security breaches are often attributed to organised crime, all too often it is the people […]

The value of good management

There are many who take the concepts of ‘leader’ and a ‘manager’ as interchangeable. For many junior positions, these words are synonymous, with Team Leaders and Team Managers essentially performing the same function. The truth is that leadership and management are two separate disciplines, each with their own individual skillsets, aptitudes and most importantly, value […]

The changing role of the IT leader

The skills and knowledge required by leaders change frequently, reflecting a huge number of different factors, from technology to people to politics. These changes have been keenly felt by IT leaders, as businesses focus more on innovation and become increasingly reliant on technology. These shifts have seen IT leaders entirely refocus their priorities, often from […]

The Chief Cyber Security Officer needs a seat on the Board

All businesses would love to be in a permanent state of absolute certainty, but unfortunately that’s simply not realistic. This is especially true when it comes to cyber security. Our reliance on technology has meant the digital elements within business have increased hugely over the last few decades. Applications, networks, data and hardware have all […]

The new path to becoming CFO

Not all paths to leadership positions are the same. What was once a rigid route to the top finance role – from accounts assistant, to accountant, to controller and treasurer, to Chief Financial Officer (CFO ) – can now be supplemented by roles in other business functions, such as operations and sales, creating an opportunity […]

Six ways to bring customer-centric focus to your leadership style

Some leaders thrive in chaotic hustle and bustle, while others prefer to control and micromanage; some seek the limelight, others keep a low profile. Putting customer needs at the front of every decision is vital for all leadership styles. Customer-centric thinking has far-reaching business outcomes and can affect business transformation. But how do you go […]

How might AI affect your future career?

There’s been a lot in the media over the last few years about how robots are set to take our jobs. Creating a credible form of artificial intelligence (AI) has been the aim of many computer scientists for a long time, but there’s still a lot of speculation on whether it will replace human workers. […]

Perfecting the art of timing in financial strategy

All businesses need a strategy and all strategies need to be carefully timed. Heads of Finance have always been critical in determining when to execute strategies to give their company the greatest chance of success. Well-timed financial strategy is key to growing the company and negating problematic issues so that the business can make the […]

There’s no such thing as a ‘natural leader’

One of the discussions that has surrounded the concept of leadership for many years essentially boils down to a ‘nature vs nurture’ debate. Some believe leaders are born charismatic and able to convince others to do what they want. Others believe leadership is a complex and interwoven skillset of learned behaviours that give the individual […]

Online learning – what you need to know

The majority of people make a fairly seamless transition from school to college and on to university, going through full-time education with a structured timetable of lectures, seminars and personal study time. Once you leave this environment, the idea of going back can be a little intimidating; even when you know that it could do […]