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The role of the Data Scientist is changing

As organisations have started to realise the importance and value of data, their need for the right skills and expertise has also increased. In trying to make sense of the vast amount of data gathered on a daily basis and use it to solve business problems, identify insights and trends and make decisions to support […]

The problem with passwords – and why the answer is two-fold

Hacks and data breaches are becoming the norm, as more and more aspects of our lives move online. Yet in many cases, the damage done could have been mitigated if users were using two-factor authentication to secure their accounts. Why? While using the name of a family member, pet, or favourite holiday destination may make […]

The importance of inclusive leadership

Inclusiveness isn’t just a nice-to-have. Having a diverse workforce with people from various educational, cultural and racial backgrounds fosters a range of alternative skills, opinions and approaches. Coupled with employees of differing experience levels and those who’ve worked in other businesses and sectors, this creates a unique environment where different viewpoints can be utilised to […]

Eight skills for effective leadership

Bad leaders have a huge impact on businesses. According to James K Harter,  Gallup’s chief scientist for workplace management, at least 50% of people have quit because of a bad manager; while 75% of the reasons for costly voluntary turnover come down to things that managers can influence. Fortunately, leadership capabilities can be trained and […]

Proactive or reactive: which type of leader are you?

What enables a person to be an effective leader? Leadership has different facets and being able to identify your own leadership style as either proactive or reactive and having the ability to switch between the two can make a huge difference to your success. So, what are the different styles and which do you most […]

Why finance must embrace the fourth industrial revolution

An explosion of  new technologies such as automation, robotics, big data, machine learning, augmented and virtual reality and personalisation is changing the way businesses operate – so much so that some commentators are heralding a fourth industrial revolution. Sectors such as healthcare, retail and agriculture are storing and analysing data, to gain insights and implement […]

Five steps to conducting a cyber investigation

With our lives increasingly dependent on computer networks and the internet – both potential targets of terrorist and criminal attacks – cyber security is one of society’s greatest challenges. Now, more than ever, IT professionals are tasked with determining specific cyber security needs and effectively allocating resources to address threats. It is vital that, in […]

Encryption and its role in data security

Data security is arguably one of the most important parts of running a business, especially when personally identifiable or confidential information is being shared across your network. Today, it’s nearly impossible to do business of any kind without personal data ending up in a networked computer system, which is why it’s important to know how […]

What is forensic readiness and why is it so important?

While the digitalisation of the business landscape offers never-before-seen opportunities, it also makes organisations more vulnerable to cyberattacks and breaches. Forensic readiness is the capability to be able to preserve, collect, protect and analyse evidence following such incidents so that it can be used effectively in security investigations, in disciplinary proceedings, in employment tribunals or […]

Human factors the biggest threat to cyber security

Cyber attacks disrupt businesses on an almost daily basis – around a third (32%) of businesses have reported having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months – and they are becoming ever more sophisticated. But while cyber security breaches are often attributed to organised crime, all too often it is the people […]

The value of good management

There are many who take the concepts of ‘leader’ and a ‘manager’ as interchangeable. For many junior positions, these words are synonymous, with Team Leaders and Team Managers essentially performing the same function. The truth is that leadership and management are two separate disciplines, each with their own individual skillsets, aptitudes and most importantly, value […]

The changing role of the IT leader

The skills and knowledge required by leaders change frequently, reflecting a huge number of different factors, from technology to people to politics. These changes have been keenly felt by IT leaders, as businesses focus more on innovation and become increasingly reliant on technology. These shifts have seen IT leaders entirely refocus their priorities, often from […]