Innovation could be your own selling point

It’s apparent that businesses have undergone huge shifts in recent years. Technologies that would have been unthinkable fifty years ago are now used without a second thought, everything from Wi-Fi to contactless payments.

This has all been down to a culture of innovation; fostering creative thinking first changed how businesses function, then changed how products were sold and soon after that changed the world. Companies readily recognise that a failure to innovate can even bring down household names such as Blockbuster and Woolworths.

Creative thinking, effective results

Innovation has become something that businesses require at every level; it’s no longer the sole domain of R&D, but instead sits as a need throughout the entire company. When it comes down to it, creativity is required for products, processes, people and procedures, as improvement at any stage yields benefits to business.

Innovation and leadership as a skill set – the ability to take bold steps and build a solid future – has never been more sought after, as the world is in a constant state of rapid change. Businesses need people to hit the ground running with the skills to recognise, nurture and manage innovation from concept all the way through to implementation, keeping teams and even different departments up to date with the processes and goals.

Innovation and leadership

Creating a culture that can rapidly create new concepts and products, as opposed to incrementally improving existing processes, is incredibly attractive to businesses but difficult to implement. Proving this worth to employers can be the key to turbo-charging your career – or even giving you a whole new one!

Our new 100% online MSc in Leadership and Management Innovation was created to do just that. We have taken the world-class knowledge and facilities available at the University of York and applied them to a Masters degree, allowing you to study at a prestigious Russell Group university at your leisure – anytime, anywhere.

Innovative thinking, flexible learning

Our MSc in Innovation, Leadership and Management gives you the key skills that businesses need. Critical approaches to problem solving, effective communication, insight into professional development and even innovation management give you the tools to succeed in challenging environments. Proving your abilities with a top-class Masters from a Russell Group university could really set you ahead of the crowd.

As our Masters degree in Innovation Leadership is delivered entirely online, you can connect and learn whenever and wherever you like, meaning you can study around your current job without having to take an extended and costly career break. We also offer six start dates spread throughout the year, working pay-per-module, so you can start when you like and get a prestigious Russell Group degree without large, up-front costs! Keeping your salary and making bite-sized payments makes undertaking a Masters degree much more attractive.

The modern way

Conditions are still difficult for business, whether those global causes have been financial, political or even environmental and companies know it’s not good enough to say “But that’s how we’ve always done things”. Innovation is at the top of the list and a top-class Masters that doesn’t strain your time or your finances could soon make you the top of the list for your dream job.

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