The flexible way to step up the career ladder: an online Masters

It’s been a turbulent decade for businesses – not only in the UK, but worldwide. Starting with a sub-prime mortgage crisis, we’ve seen recession, political unrest and any number of events that have affected businesses long after the news stopped reporting them.

Many businesses still struggle today with lower than expected salaries, squeezed profits and a difficult sales environment.

Businesses need strong leadership now more than ever and there have been thousands of articles exploring how workplaces, businesses and the C-Suite have changed through the years of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and now Generation Z coming into the workplace.

While traditionally, promotions came from within and leadership skills were augmented with training, companies are searching for the right candidates with the right skillsets to hit the ground running.

A new kind of Masters degree

This is why we have introduced three dedicated Masters programmes in Leadership and Management, giving you access to the world-class knowledge of our academics and allowing those who want a career boost the opportunity to progress.

The major difference with our MSc courses is that we deliver all areas of the programme online and design them to fit in around your current career – so there’s no need to take time off to study. Learning in your spare time and at your convenience removes a lot of the strain of studying for a Masters degree in the traditional sense, making it the perfect choice if you’re a working professional or looking to make an ambitious career change.

Earning and learning: flexibility built in

Flexibility is at the heart of our online MSc programmes, and the ability to keep working in your current job role while studying makes a big difference in terms of committing to the time that a Masters degree needs. Another major benefit of exclusively online learning resources is that it doesn’t tie you into a traditional school timetable; you can choose to begin your course on one of six start dates.

We’ve also reduced the financial commitment required to study for a Masters degree; not only can you keep your current salary grade, but our online MSc courses are pay-per-module, removing the need to make significant, up-front payments.

You can also choose one of three individual specialities – Innovation, Finance or International Business – giving you in-depth, high quality expertise in your chosen field, no matter where you want your career to take you.

An MSc without the stress

While many people would love to add a Masters degree to their CV, you may have concerns about commitments regarding time and money. These new courses ease those pressures and allow you to gain a top-class MSc from a Russell Group university without needing to leave home.

As companies struggle to thrive in what is still quite a difficult business environment, you’ll be giving your future career the best chance of blooming. Your demonstrable leadership skills, gained through a prestigious university, will put you one step closer to your dream career and allow you to steer your new company to even greater success.

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