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What is infrastructure security in cloud computing?

Society’s pivot towards cloud computing environments for work and personal use has occurred at pace over recent years. With work migrating to the cloud and businesses adopting a cloud-first approach to wider operations more generally, our reliance on cloud applications grows by the day. Business leaders and computer science specialists must ensure that adequate cloud […]

What is IoT security?

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to ‘the concept of connecting any device that has an on/off switch to the Internet and other connected devices’. This huge wireless network of internet-connected devices and people enables data collection and sharing on a vast, global scale, encompassing both how electronic devices are used and how users interact […]

Understanding the UK’s central government

The United Kingdom operates under a governance system that includes both a central government and devolved governments. While the devolved governments – Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland – have their own areas of authority, the central government plays a crucial role in high-level decision-making in England and across the entirety of the United Kingdom.  What […]

What is network security?

Network security is the term used for the collection of policies, practices, and technologies that are used to protect computer networks – and the data they transmit – from unauthorised access, misuse or disruption. Network security works to secure both the physical and virtual components of a network – including routers, servers, gateways, wireless networks, […]

How does social structure affect international business?

The number of companies operating internationally is increasing, with many UK businesses setting their sights on global trade despite an uncertain economic outlook. Airwallex – a financial technology platform that supports businesses with their expansion efforts – reports that 70% of UK small-medium enterprises (SMEs) plan to scale internationally in 2023. Globalisation has given rise […]

Public sector economics

Central government is responsible for controlling and managing the public sector, which exists to meet the needs of the general public and to improve both their lives and wellbeing. Funded by taxpayers, it’s a broad sector of the economy encompassing education, healthcare, social welfare, infrastructure, emergency services, public transportation, government agencies, law enforcement and national […]

Understanding the global business environment

The global business environment is a complex one. When businesses operate across national borders to buy, sell, produce or manufacture goods and services in different countries, they are obligated to consider a number of important variables. This includes different: tax systems and tariffs legal requirements regulatory and compliance frameworks social and cultural norms political climates […]

Public sector organisations and industries

The public sector comprises organisations that are owned, operated or funded by the government, rather than private companies or individuals.  Funded through taxes and other forms of government revenue, the public sector isn’t driven by profit in the same way that private sector organisations are. Instead, the public sector is: Responsible for serving the public […]

What is the public sector?

Despite slight recent improvements in the UK’s economic outlook – and economists’ predictions that gross domestic product will not fall quite as far as previously feared in 2023 – the current situation is far less stable. Economic growth remains in a fragile position, reinforced by the ongoing cost of living crisis, political instability and further […]

The UK Civil Service: an explainer

The United Kingdom’s Home Civil Service is the politically impartial collection of government departments, agencies, and non-departmental government bodies – also known as NDPBs – that advise governments, support the development and implementation of government policy, and provide public services. Employed by the Crown, the Civil Service has an impact on the lives of everyone […]

We, not I: why social leadership is the future

Leaders who rely on their status or title to get things done may find their days are numbered in today’s workplace. Data shows employees are often not fulfilled and engaged to the extent organisations need them to be. In this post-pandemic, 21st century Social Age, what is needed is social leadership: a new emotionally intelligent […]

What is strategic planning?

Strategic planning is the process businesses and organisations use to outline their long-term directions and objectives. Through the planning process, organisational leaders determine their overarching vision as well as specific long-term goals, and then map out a plan for achieving each milestone, such as how and when the milestones should be completed. The outcome of […]