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Understanding taxation systems and how they support public sector budgets

Public services and social welfare are among the most essential components of any modern society. But these services require funding, and this funding typically comes from taxation – the lifeblood of a nation’s public sector budgets. Understanding the intricacies of taxation systems and public sector spending is important for anyone working in – or with […]

The fundamental role of government

Throughout the twentieth century, many countries witnessed significant changes as the importance of the state grew and the role of the government evolved. In the wake of World War Two, nations the world over – Great Britain included – sought to rebuild in the aftermath of destruction, tackling the immense challenges facing industry, economy, infrastructure […]

What is mobile security?

Mobile security is the term used for the various measures that protect mobile devices – such as smartphones and tablets, as well as their data and their associated networks – from unauthorised access or other forms of cyberattack. Mobile device security measures safeguard any sensitive data stored on or transmitted by mobile devices, and have […]

Shaping our shared future through public services

Issues such as criminal justice, education, national intelligence, state welfare, public health, social care and local services are on the agenda of any government – as well as the people they serve. After all, even incremental improvements or deterioration in public service delivery have the potential to impact millions of citizens. Understanding what young people […]

What is operations management?

Operations management is the area of a business that focuses on optimising its operations and processes in order to maximise organisational efficiencies, productivity, and profits. It is an area of business management that is fundamental to running a successful enterprise, concerned with converting inputs – such as raw materials, labour, equipment, technology – into outputs […]

Building interconnected worlds with network architecture

Today’s internet users – from global businesses to individuals with network devices – have come to rely on instant, seamless, reliable and flexible methods of connecting. As such, our digital age is founded on the design and maintenance of network operating systems that enable us to live, work and communicate with ease – wherever we […]

What are the most important skills in software development?

Software development is the area of computer science focused on designing, building, implementing, and supporting computer software. Software is what enables systems and applications to operate and perform tasks, which means that software development is an essential role in the technology sector and other digital industries. According to IBM, software development is typically done by […]

Public administration: serving the needs of the people

While public services and public administration is largely the purview of government, the real-world application of its planning, orchestration and development and performance can be a far larger, and more-complex, affair. Prospects, a specialist in graduate careers, estimates that there are 5.6 million individuals working in the public sector in the United Kingdom. Add this […]

What is the voluntary sector?

The voluntary sector, often referred to as the third sector, sits outside of the public and private sectors to focus exclusively on creating social impact and community change. Other names for the voluntary sector include: the not-for-profit sector. the non-profit sector. the community sector. civil society. As its name implies, the voluntary sector is largely […]

How to use social media for global marketing

Social media connects people around the planet in powerful and unprecedented ways. As the world becomes increasingly globalised, social media plays an important role in fostering real-time communication and understanding between different peoples, cultures, and countries.  Social media is also credited with connecting organisations and individuals in similarly new ways, eroding the barriers that used […]

Public finance: an explainer

Public finance is the term used to discuss income, spending, and debt within the public sector.  In the United Kingdom, the public sector is formed of governments at all levels – including national and local governments – as well as their publicly funded institutions and services, such as the National Health Service (NHS), the police […]

What is global marketing and why is it important?

Global marketing is the focus on marketing an organisation’s products or services in the international marketplace – and in an increasingly global society, with people more connected than ever before, it’s an increasingly important area of marketing management. Global marketing sees the world as one unique, individual market. This means that a global business’s marketing […]